The faces on this page reflect the psychological health and wellness to which I have devoted my professional life.  Thanks for visiting my website which celebrates wellness, and introduces me and the services I offer as a psychologist.  I hope it also will be a resource for you to learn about and access mental health services and information.

I am a clinical psychologist in California who works with children, teens and  adults. I have been licensed for more than 17 years as a psychologist (California license PSY13193).

My private practice is devoted to psychological and psychoeducational testing, evaluation, and consultation. I test for learning disabilities and other obstacles to academic and life success, developmental delays, and emotional problems.  I also do evaluations for adults who need to have their disability (or lack thereof!) documented. (For more information please visit PsychTesting.net).

If you are looking for mental health information or services, click here for a page with lots of links, including hotlines you can call if you need to speak to someone right away.


The amount of information on mental health topics has exploded in recent years as Internet use expands.  Unfortunately, too much of what is out there is not based on psychological science, and it can be difficult to sort fact from fiction.  In response to this, I have written brochures on a variety of topics, such as anger, sobriety, depression, grief, learning disabilities, ADHD, and mental wellness.  The information in the brochures is presented in an easy to read format, and is designed to broaden the reader’s knowledge base.  There are checklists for self assessment, and suggestions for self care and professional consultation.  Take a look at the brochures, which are available for purchase, by clicking on Brochures above.

I am privileged to serve as a Mental Health Consultant for Job Corps®, the nation’s most successful educational and vocational training program for more than 45 years.  Job Corps® assists eligible young men and women in completing their high school educations, and trains them for jobs and careers that will ensure a good future for them, their families, and their communities.  If you’re a Job Corps® Trainee, click here for information just for you!

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